Monday, September 04, 2006

For the show date of Wednesday Sept. 6th:

To all the people who've laughed before

Back from an exhausting break, you don't wanna be the only kid on the playground to miss this show

  • Brad Mcpeake-An audience and comedian favorite, glad to have him back!

  • Gerald Varga-not only helps run the show, has keen stand up abilities to boot.

  • Ryan guy. nice guy!

  • Jennifer Grant-I dare ya not to fall in love with this one.

  • Patrick Maliha-A Vancouver institution, celebrating his birthday!

  • Phil Hanley-The man with the golden v-neck sweater will be hosting in Graham Clark's absence, who is out of town, fighting crime!


Blogger M L S said...

Fighting crime, too?! That man works so hard!

11:00 PM  

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