Sunday, October 01, 2006

For the show date of Wednesday : Oct 4th, 2006

Holy Crap! We're Back!

After a week off after the Comedyfest Show, we're back and coming out swinging!

  • Victoria Patterson-Her very first time at the Rime show...oh boy!

  • AJ Mckenzie-The kid returns.

  • Richard Lett-The Legend of the road makes his rhyme debut, soem call him the boogeyman of comedy (some=me)

  • Seth Perry-He don't look like Fidel Castro anymore, but he's still cool.

  • Aubrey Tennant-He tore some shit up at the Comedyfest, and he's just getting over a cold so watch out!
  • Simon King- Made a whole lotta fans with his last appearance, coming back for seconds.

See you there.


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