Monday, August 06, 2007

For the show date of Wednesday : Aug 8th, 2007

The blog returns, and this time it's personal!

Good show to boot.

  • Darcy Michael- His grandfather invented syrup.

  • Gerald Varga- Was the first comic to say "Are you with me?"

  • John Beuhler- Won the "Comic Genius" competition and the less prestigious "Actual Genius" competition all in the same year.

  • Alicia Tobin- If she ever decides to get back to me.

  • Jy Harris- Jy used to be infatuated with the 80's...and by "used to" I mean still is.

  • Ivan Decker- Twice nominated for the "Silly Bugger Award". We feel this is his year.

See you there.


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